One Thousand Word Challenge 58: Funstomers

In general whilst frequently I do feel a desire to cover it, I don’t like writing about work. I feel as though I’ve said as much as I can with the skills that I have.

Maybe saying that I don’t like to cover work is the wrong thing. Now that I think about it, it is better to say that I have an apprehension toward covering work. With that being said, in this bit of writing I am going to cover some things about my job that I’ve covered quite a few times before as, once more, I need to state that some things can’t be said enough, which is rather unfortunate as some things shouldn’t have to be said over and over again. There comes a point where you just kind of want to throw your hands up in the air as it’s ridiculous that the same things have to be said over and over again due to people being unable ton exert a little self-control over themselves and show a little bit of respect.

Yes, it’s one of those writings where I write about customers being assholes. I guess that, considering what is going on in the world at the moment it’s a bit more important to say this stuff, but it really shouldn’t have to be said at all.

Anyway, so once more the customers are being highly aggressive. They’re doing their insult thing, doing the belittling, doing all the things that leaves customer service representatives less likely to want to help them out. Currently the company I work for is pushing for changing how we do things which means we are not able to do as much for customers as we should be able to do. I’m not going to get into the details of that as it’s not worth getting into (at the moment), but what needs to be known is that we’ve received a significant increase in the amount of customers that are calling us and being able to do less for them is causing issues.

We are redirecting the customers (in a sense) so that they can “help” themselves, but when you’ve got a whole load of people already antsy from having to wait for a while to speak to someone due to the queues being backed up far more than they should be being told when they speak to someone that we can’t quite assist them, they tend to unleash far more frequently than usual. Some customers are taking the news well, but plenty are not. They resort to some pretty shitty tactics to try and get their way and sometimes we have to relent, which is rather frustrating.

There are other departments that are also backed up. As they are departments that always have had lengthy (relative to my department and not necessarily other businesses) wait times that have now had that wait increase which means more customers getting much more testy than usual, which is of course a great deal of fun for the people that work in said departments, but I sort of digress.

So the customers are getting angrier and there’s less we can do. The customers are now more willing to unleash upon us which is causing its own set of issues. We’re being told to get through the calls as quickly as possible and to perform our best, but often it feels like we’re having to fight to do our job. I should probably be referring to myself rather than other staff, but due to some things happening rather recently I am fairly confident on my ability to speak on the behalf of my fellow coworkers, but I’m digressing once more.

This is creating a lot of pressure on both ends. We’re being rushed through everything whilst being yelled at for things that are not our decision to make and it’s rather frustrating. Of course there are some customers who are frustrated but accepting and some who are understanding and lovely about the whole thing. Those customers are awesome and whilst they don’t make the day, they certainly make the call.

The ones that make the job harder than necessary are the ones who decide it’s a good idea to call you a wanker or a dickhead when they think you can’t hear them. The ones that think it’s okay to say to someone in the background that they could tell you were a millennial because you thought you knew everything even though the information provided pertained specifically to something that you can do in the particular role you work. Somehow knowing about a specific product means that you know everything.

There are the ones that are racist and start asking where you’re from because they haven’t heard of your name are also unpleasant. You say where, then they ask again and you advise that you’re not comfortable with the line of questioning. They then get defensive and say how they weren’t being racist, then proceed to call you miserable throughout the rest of the call. They make the job hard. It’s unnecessary. It doesn’t matter where someone is from. What matters are who they are.

Then there are the customers such as the one who thought that, in the middle of a complaint it was a good idea to blame changes on young people, then referred to them as brainless. When mentioned that you’re one of those young people the customer is referring to, instead of backing down they instead say that they weren’t referring to you, then say something else followed by telling you that they’re going to “reach through the phone and rip your fucking throat out”. Whilst this one is particularly unpleasant, this isn’t necessarily uncommon.

Stuff like this is stuff we shouldn’t have to tolerate. Whilst there are policies in place, we still have to hear it before we can do anything.

Customer service representatives are also people. If you’re asking them something, don’t treat them like they’re worthless. They aren’t.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 21:23:88

There was a bit more I wanted to include but I might save it for another time. Perhaps I’m cheapening this by doing it within a time constraint, but I felt a desire to go for the twenty minute mark more than I did write something lengthy and comprehensive.

Slow, but I think I got the point across.

Written at home.


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