Five-Hundred Word Challenge 772: Heavy Boots and Pants

After a day spent walking in heavy boots and pants when it was neither wet enough nor cold enough to warrant either, I’d like to believe that I am justified in claiming the throne of fatigue at this current moment. However, that is not what this bit of writing is about, even though I’d like to spend it complaining about how tired I am and how it is the most tiring tiredness ever experienced by anyone ever. Not going to do that today. Going to talk about the walk instead.

It was nice.

Alright, now onto the complaining.

On a serious note, I woke up, it was raining. Despite all evidence suggesting it would be better to do otherwise, I wore pants and boots instead of shorts and sneakers. It was not a good idea. The rain stopped very shortly after I left home. The temperature was a bit warm during the walk. It also was not wet enough to warrant the boots. The boots are heavy. The pants aren’t the most breathing of pants. Not a great combination.

Got through the walk pretty quickly. Saw some great views. All that stuff. The best part, however, was the doing the walk with a friend. The second-best part was seeing an Australian water dragon (specifically an eastern water dragon) at a particular point of the path and spending a good while following it and getting photos. It was a patient endeavour and I got a few shots of which I’m feeling optimistic.

Outside of those two things, the walk had some ups and had some downs. Going downhill was an up and going uphill was a down. Moving forward without having to worry too much about gradient was neither here nor there.

There was plenty of shade and plenty of sun. There was a good deal of humidity. Clear skies even though none of the skies were clear and there were plenty of clouds hanging in the scenery. Waters calm in appearance. A big bridge visible that connected North Sydney to Sydney City.

Even though Balls Head Reserve is kind of a pocket of isolated bushland, it still is bushland. Not only is it bushland, but it’s bushland that’s easy to visit. Of course there are concerns that it will become overly-visited. Part of the joy of being in bushland is not having to continually run into people, but at the same time the more that people visit the bush, the more they can come to an appreciation of it, even if it is a small pocket among a highly urbanised area. As much as I don’t want to see people in the bush every few minutes, I’d much rather that people come to appreciate it, even if bushwalking only allows a light level of experiencing the bush; it’s still a way to be among it and see all the wonder it provides.

Anyway, now that I’ve said that, I think I’m going to go back to resting and pointless complaining.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:50:48

I think I did a good job of lightly covering my having gone for a walk yesterday.

That’s all I have to say about this bit of writing, which probably says a lot about it, or something.

Written at home.

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