Five-Hundred Word Challenge 774: The Door After Dismantling

And so it is done and all is said and all that is left is to remove the door and go on home with it. However, if there is no door, then there is no remnant and as such perhaps it would be better to leave it. Leave the whole thing unfinished, even though a door being left behind doesn’t mean it’s all unfinished. It just means that a door was left to stand there on its own, perhaps as some sort of symbolic gesture.

It could be that leaving the door behind is actually some sort of form of a reminder rather than something symbolic. It can stand there as a testament to the effort that went into the removal and the process in which the removal happened; one piece at a time, slowly, yet steadily.

Of course there were conversations all over the whole thing and how it should be done. There were plenty of people looking to prevent the task from happening, but in the end none of them were able to successfully halt what was going on and so unabated it proceeded. Even when it was all going on, the conversations followed suit, but try as they might, there was nothing that could be done. Still, their dogged refusal to give up was something worth acknowledging and showing some sort of respect, even if it was begrudgingly.

At least a little more was afforded to those who disagreed with how the dismantling was to proceed, for in the eyes of the dismantlers they were at least not trying to prevent the event from occurring. They were at least “on side”, and that was good enough. Still, they slowed the process down. Regardless of how well-meaning they were, that was still something considered an inconvenience and so only a little more acknowledgement went to them than those were were trying to stop the whole thing altogether.

The dismantling was something that proceeded rather quickly and systematically, but it didn’t feel as such. It seemed to slow time down and become this haphazard slog, sluggish and clumsy the whole way through. This too was a frustration, but at the very least the process only kept going with little to stand in its path.

More and more of the skeleton saw exposure until that too was to be torn down, pulled apart and taken elsewhere, never to see its original form again. That, like the rest, came down quickly, leaving nothing left other than exposed foundations and a door. Now the door stands apparent and there is indecision as to whether it should remain or also be taken. It is here where people are stamping their feet the most, unable to claim some sort of superiority in this ongoing argument, and so, after many hours they leave for rest at home is needed.

At least for a brief period of time the door remains as a symbolic reminder, casting a long shadow as the sun sinks beneath the horizon.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:56:63

So this isn’t quite about the titular door, although maybe it is. I’m not sure.

I feel as though this is rather together. Less repetition than usual and seems to get somewhere. At the very least it paints a (mostly) clear scene, I think.

Written at home.

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