Five-Hundred Word Challenge 810: Some Stuff About Clouds

Alright, so today we’re talking about clouds as that is an easy subject to cover and it doesn’t mean that I have to go full bore on the typing in order to discuss clouds. I still might just, but I’d rather not, but we’ll see what happens of course.

So clouds; they are a thing that exists. In fact, they exist in our atmosphere and in other places too, depending on what form of cloud you consider to be a cloud, but that is beside the point. The point is that they do indeed exist. I could see some early from the little bit of blue sky I can see from my window if I lean in the right way, but that also is beside the point.

Sometimes they obscure the whole sky and sometimes they obscure only some of the sky. Sometimes it seems as though they do not exist at all, and that is fine. However, there are plenty of times when they appear in the sky as their own separate entities rather than as one large, amorphous thing which also is fine. That has little to do with the writing of today.

Sometimes rain falls from clouds, as rain often falls from clouds rather than rises from the earth. Whilst still kind of the same thing, it is condensation that rises from the earth and rain that falls to the earth.

Wait: Condensation is when the water vapour turns into liquid. Evaporation is when the liquid turns into water vapour. Anyway, you get the idea. Pardon my incorrect statement.

So anyway, sometimes rain falls from clouds and then clouds appear to disappear when this happens, though only sometimes, for sometimes they do not appear to disappear at all. However, it does not always rain when clouds are above and covering the whole sky, so that’s a thing of which needs to be contended with sometimes. Not all of the time.

Clouds are good at trapping in heat rather than letting it escape off to wherever heat goes when it leaves the surface. That can cause issues, though sometimes it is alright. Not always the worst of things to deal with if I am to be complete honest with the thing that I am saying.

So anyway, sometimes the clouds grow legs and go bounding across the landscape. This is a bit of an issue as their legs are rather hairy and unsightly to see when attached to clouds. It’s also a bit goofy. When the clouds grow legs and instead decide to keep on floating to wherever they are floating off to, which is something that requires them to ride the air currents, the dangling limbs look more terrifying than they do goofy. The terrifying is a little more preferable, however, as it is less damaging to what has and has not been developed, both by human hand and by nature. However, I guess if they’re bounding through nature, that then is nature in action with nature.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:26:38

Kind of silly, but I’m happy with that.

Written at home.

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