One Thousand Word Challenge 85: Work in Heat

Heat spreads outward and inward and compresses itself upon all, making sure that somehow the end seems so far away and causes a sweat to break out and caress the skin in vain attempts to cool down the body, and they certainly were vain attempts as in a blazing heat there is little way to cool down other than get out of it, and of course all of the other ways there are to cool down in a blazing heat, but we’re going to pretend that they don’t exist as it makes it easier to tell a story that will derail itself shortly.

So you see, it was a hot day and in this hot day there were people trying to get things done. They needed to get things done before it got too hot as once it got too ho t it would be difficult to do any more, and so they needed to work early and fast. They didn’t want to have the pressure of the sun beating down upon them whilst they worked hard and worked tirelessly, and so it was better to be efficient and take advantage of the morning hours rather than keep on working into the late morning and then the afternoon when the sun would be at its peak position in the sky.

Of course it already was warm in the morning and so sweat was pouring fast. They needed to move quickly but already everything was against them. They knew not how much farther they could go, but they had to keep on going and keep on pushing forward.

However, there may have been a breeze coming along and if so, it was something desperately raved, for it could provide a bit of a refreshment and perhaps help things to come along much faster rather than much slower. There was no telling; all seemed still in the air, and there was no movement in vegetation that was visible, so there likely was no breeze nearby, but of course there was always hope that things would change.

So they kept on working throughout the heat and pushing on. They’d been working since before the sun had risen from somewhere far beyond near the horizon line, but they’d keep on working after the event known as sunrise had occurred and after the first rays were a fading memory, unless of course it was a particularly strong sunrise, in which case there was a good chance that it would be remembered for a good while to come. However, they were not able to pay much attention to the sunrise as there was a great deal of work that needed to be done before the sun hit its peak, for there was little desire to work in extreme heat.

The days had been getting warmer for a while now, and what with the lead up to summer, things were feeling especially rough. This was something most definitely note desired to be experienced. The cold was preferable as often it meant that it would be easier to work throughout the day. They were not strangers to the heat; it was something they had dealt with many a time in the past. However, this particular season seemed to see it become rather unbearable and this of course was an issue. The work days were growing shorter by necessity and due to this the work in the morning was much harder and draining.

In part they did want to avoid working in a heat most undesirable, but also they had little choice about the whole thing. If they left things not being complete enough, all it would do is create more pressure to get more done the following day, and so on and so forth, and so they needed to make sure that as much was done before they could no longer work.

The pressure was great, but instead of lashing out they kept on working, though often they would desire to lash out as it would make things feel better, even if it would not necessarily make things better, but they denied themselves the opportunity as there was no telling as to how much time it would cost them. There were more important things to do; getting angry and frustrated openly about things was not high on the list of priorities. It could wait.

And so they kept on working and trying to whittle things down where they could and there was some good progress being made. The cloudless sky did not help matters and so the sun had a good shot of scorching the land, and so the sweat became so profuse that it was no longer noticeable.

Unfortunately, well before they could complete as much was necessary they had to go inside, for it became far too warm to get any more work done. They dropped what they were doing and went inside and hoped that somehow there would be a reprieve to come along and reduce the sun’s impact, but of course there was little, if any on offer.

A breeze did come along and it was one that would have been nice earlier on in the day, but by the time it had come everyone was inside and all it was doing was moving hot air around. There was no reprieve. There was no respite. All there was was the continuation of the prevention of getting things done with less pressure. This all did not bode well, but all they could do is keep on going and hope for the best. They could at least relax a little until the following day, in which more work would need to be done.

Once more they would try to do as much as possible and hope that the work load would diminish a little, but for now all it was was waiting and resting, as there was little else to do other than hope that the following day would not provide another unwanted increase in temperature.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 13:02:24

I think that perhaps I may have stretched this out farther than necessary again.
I think I am finding it easier to write at this length, however.

Written at home.

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