One Thousand Word Challenge 88: Cosmic Horse and the Eternal Bunt: The Second Part

There was one particular day in which The Cosmic Horse was doing its own thing. It was eating the food of which it was that wild horses ate and it was minding its own business, just hanging out with the herd of which it was a part. This was something that the horse often did as it still was too young to venture out on its own for long periods of time, or even consider the notion of breaking away from the herd altogether. That was part of the youth of a young horse and so one day it was known that it might just venture away and never return. However, on this particular day that was not to happen, for the horse was young and it was eating the food that wild horses eat and it was minding its own business.

The other horses of the herd were mostly doing the same. Some were not doing much of anything and others were just wandering about, perhaps to look for something, or just out of a sense of implied boredom. It is hard to tell as I do not understand how the minds of horses work, but I guess that is my problem at the end of the day and not the problem of the horses. Sure, I would like to blame them for refusing to share their secrets and way of thinking with me, but I can’t. I must own the responsibility of my actions, or lack thereof, or my inability to know what it is that goes through the minds of horses and therefore I must move on and focus on what I can do instead of what I cannot, but I digress.

So anyway, the main horse which just so happens to be The Comic Horse was doing horse things when all of a sudden, out of the blue and somewhere from nowhere it fell into the void. Now this was not something that was planned by the horse, for the horse was not knowing in the ways of voidwalking. It was something they never needed to know and it was something that they did not even know of entertain the possibility of, so therefore it was quite a shock to suddenly end up in the void for this particular horse. How was it there? How did it get away? How long was it going to spend in this little pocket of some other location that somehow stretched on infinitely, yet seemed to small and enclosed?

There were so many questions on the horse’s mind, but it had no answers and it knew not of ways to cope with the situation it now found itself in, for this was a situation most unusual for a horse to experience and therefore the knowledge of being so suddenly removed from what a horse knew instead of a gradual process in which the horse would be removed and therefore learn the land as it went on was not there, and so perhaps there was a little bit of panic within the horse, for this seemed to be rather dreadful. There was dread and malaise, and perhaps also a little hint of stress and fear.

However, all was not lost and there was a voice that called out to the horse. The horse, in hearing the voice and not knowing what it could be, attempted to gallop away. IT did not know if its attempt was successful as it didn’t even know if it was getting anywhere. The sense of motion was there, but at the same time it was completely nonexistent from this location known as being the void.

Try as it might, there was no escaping. The voice called out to the horse again and the horse kept on going, trying tog et away, but not knowing if it was. Eventually the horse stopped, for it seemed that it was not able to tire from its attempts at getting away, but they were revealing themselves as futile attempts and so it saw no point in continuing. It took up time and served to resolve nothing, and so the time could have been better spent trying to work out just what was going on… for whatever worth such a concept and dimension as time meant in this particular space.

The voice called out once more and the horse listened. Perhaps terrified at this point, there was not really much else of a choice. The voice spoke of things mysterious, complex and ambiguous. It spoke of the possibilities of things that may come to pass and it spoke of what had been. It revealed many a thing to the horse and it revealed that the horse had a role to play in some grand thing, assuming that grand thing did eventually come to pass, for the need to fulfill parts was there, but there was no guarantee that any of it would happen. It was all whispers in a fading night.

And so the horse listened, hearing every word and absorbing it all, yet failing to understand any of it. It knew what the words were, but it could not discern any meaning from them other than pure surface readings. Maybe one day it would, but at least for the current moment it would not.

Eventually it all seemed to become too much and everything was closing in, almost as to overwhelm The Cosmic Horse. It all seemed as though everything was going to end just there and this was where the story would stop, but as suddenly as the horse was brought into the void, it too was suddenly returned to its original location. It was almost as though nothing had happened, but some of the horses were staring, looking rather startled.

Not understanding what had happened, the horse bolted as fast as it could. Eventually it returned as though nothing had happened and continued to eat, but there was little denying that something happened and it had indeed changed.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 13:29:29

First part here.

More silliness, though with an odd bit of seriousness.

Written at home.

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