Godflesh: Be God

One listen, but with a couple of pauses to catch up.

I don’t think I’ve quite captured the song here. There’s a lot I could write about it, but you could say that about a lot of music. However, I might write something longer and more thought out some time down the track.

“Be God” is from Godflesh’s Post Self.

Here is a review of the album I wrote a few years ago.

I hope you enjoy.

Some sort of vague chorus whilst menacing, thick, doomy bass just moves on without restraint. Some sort of percussive noise sits underneath it.

Suddenly a beat comes in, providing more shape and noisy guitar scrapes on above. It is wide, atmospheric and a strong sense of dread is formed.

Suddenly sounds drop away and the vague chorus a little later, leaving the bass and beat to keep on throbbing forward. Guitar comes back, into the fold, loud, distorted, broken, thick. Additional sound comes in, then the vocals as well as more shape to the song.

The vocals too are shattered, split, multiple. They are distorted, yet remain harsh. The sense of the immense and intense is there. The harshness of the vocals remains clear and this seems more like some sort of eye-widening realisation of terror.

Slow the song moves forward and sounds remain harsh. There is a force in here that is natural and easily moving forward.

Additional guitar finds its way in and seems to ring out upward and forward, the noise increases and the vocals almost seem lost within themselves, roaring out but unable to rise above it all.

Then it all drops out and the ringing guitar sounds out the song, mostly on its own. The spectacle has ended and little remains.

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