Blind Idiot God: Thunderhead

This was written over one listen.

I’m kind of surprised that I got this much out of it as “Thunderhead” moves quickly and is quite relentless. Maybe it was due to familiarity with the song from listening to it a bit over time (I’ve previously used it to help write a review for another band).

I think this kind of captures parts of the mood and experience I got from this listen. There’s a bit of describing what is happening, but I feel that the idea of what is being experienced is a little bit more prominent here.

Blind Idiot God’s “Thunderhead” is from their album Cyclotron.

I hope you enjoy.

Slight noise, then a full, continuous, almost overwhelming guitar. Percussion helps to guide the thing along. A hard metallic sound. The bass drops in, plays something that helps to create a sense of up and down, perhaps like waves and the percussion increases in complexity and the song becomes faster and faster. Suddenly the band are moving at a blistering pace.

A slight slowing down and they’re suddenly heaving a significant weight. There’s an interplay between the previous section, though sped up and this new section. The dragging and the heaving.

Slowing down a little, everything sounds furious yet calculated. Crashing over everything is the percussion and the guitar and bass keep on moving in a specific way. Menace creeps in for a brief moment before the band start… thundering and galloping away.

The percussion and bass lock firmly into each other and the guitar rises into the heavens, creating its own form of brightened noise. For a brief moment it stops and the percussion becomes like a thunderous roll before pulling away. Then it all picks back up again and the band just strike out and keep the intensity going, refusing to relent and pushing on forward, just really hammering the whole thing in and creating significant intensity, but once the percussion stops its main assault, the bass and guitar lose their anchor and they come to an end.

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