One Thousand Word Challenge 114: Off the Rails

Alright, so I’m doing one of these again. There is no start and there is no end and it just goes on and on, but here is where I shall start the start and the end shall be at the end, as it always is, though perhaps not always but only sometimes. It just seems like it always is. Probably depends on the literary device that you’re making use of at any given time and therefore it is not something that you should think about unless you’re in a position where you’re required to think about it, or something.

So anyway, there is no topic. There is nothing here. I’m just rambling. I will do my best to try and make it an entertaining ramble, but there are no promises at the moment. This is all territory that is as unfamiliar as it is unknown. However, it is known well and therefore I am just trying to do that hoodwinking thing that I occasionally make an attempt to do, then reveal that that is precisely what I am trying to do, therefore not making it much of a successful endeavour, so perhaps I should stop trying to do that.

Then again, perhaps not. Perhaps there are other things that I should try and do, however, such as make sure that this all makes sense. Instead of that, however, I am going to try and fly off the rails and see where that flying off and away leads me. I don’t know if it will lead anywhere, or if it is worth the time, but I shall try as that is what I want to try at the present moment. I also want to try it and make sure that there is enough space to make sure that the trying has enough space to be completed, but I don’t know how these things will go, other than in terms of their average quality, so we’ll just see how it all goes.

Now, the way that I need to fly off the rails involves flying off the rails, so I need some wings. I need wings for this train. Without wings there is no flying. Therefore, I shall attempt to go and get some wings. I will ask politely at the wing store and perhaps they shall show some sort of sympathy to my plight and therefore let me take flight.

After I have acquired the wings I then need to try and find some other stuff in order to make a ramp. There needs to be a ramp somewhere on the tracks so that the train can lift off and go flying off the rails. Of course this means that the materials need to be strong and sturdy. Can’t use your everyday wood; need sturdier wood.

I don’t know as to where I will acquire such materials. I’m sure some sort of metal will also need to be involved. I can’t just go chopping down trees and maybe the wood yards are sold out. I’m sure I’ll find a way to find what it is that I need, however. I won’t worry about this and just wing it, which seems like the easiest decision.

The last thing I need is a lot of non-curving track. I need the track to be nice and straight and hopefully on a downward slope. If I can get that, then I’m pretty much set. Well, at least for the most basic of things, but I slightly digress. This shouldn’t be too hard to find. This should be located somewhere. There is a lot of track for trains and there are plenty of upward and downward slopes. This might involve a bit of walking and sightseeing too, so it just might be the best part of the whole thing.

Anything else that needs to be thought of in order to get this thing to happen has already been thought of and therefore requires no more thinking. It’s all down to the doing now and therefore there shall be no more thinking and just doing as there needs to be a bit of doing so that I can get more done. Need more done and not less done.

Sop from here I’m not sure as to how I will set things up. I guess that means that there is indeed more thinking required.

I did not anticipate this.

Now that I know of this, things have to be pushed back. There will be delays and therefore this will not happen within the required timeframe. I can only work so hard and with added things in the way, that means that there is more work to do. It might drain the hard working ethic that I pretend to have. I don’t know as to where to go from here.

Still, now is not the time for delays. Now is the time for working hard and hard work is what I intend to do. I want to fly off the rails. I want to leave them and be in the air. Some might say that that means that I want to be airborne. That might just be a correct thing to say. However, now is not the time for thinking about what is and is not a correct thing to say. Now is the time for making sure that this all gets done so that I can do the thing. Delays are an issue, but they might just be beneficial at the end of all of this. They might just end up helping the whole thing out.

So from here I must now start doing the things. I need to think and obtain stuff and then put things together and then launch the train. It will ride the currents in the air and it will glide over cloud. It will find itself on a journey far more majestic than it could imagine and I would be there, off the rails with it.

Might need to work out the landing.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 10:08:79

This was fun to write.
Not good writing, but still fun.

Written at home.

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