tricot: Tokyo Vampire Hotel

I’ve wanted to do these a bit more frequently and I’m not sure as to why I have not.

This was written over three listens, though the last one was split up a fair bit due to how quickly “Tokyo Vampire Hotel” moves.

The song is a strong opener for an album that, at the very least, is interesting in how it explores.

tricot’s “Tokyo Vampire Hotel” is from 3.

I hope you enjoy.

It starts with fast, furious drumming. Striking out and rolling with some sort of atmospheric sound in the background, a fast striking, then the guitar, vocals and bass come in. Super punchy, striking, on point, precise… it’s hard-hitting, punchy stuff.

The vocals push out a little further, taking the forefront and holding all the punch and oomph necessary to meet the music. There’s a sense of passion and playfulness, but also a great deal of energy coming forward.

The song suddenly switches to something more overtly melodic with some vocal interplay, then continues its really fun energy as it drives on forward through what is implied to be a chorus. Smooth harmonies and a sort of gliding down in a sense.

A suddenly unleashing of percussive “chaos” in what seems like a mirror to the verse and its all just really complex in sound, but still really fun. Then the song drops back a bit and the main vocal line does something a little more “speaking”, though retaining a sense of melody. Retaining that energy, that drive, that thrust.

Once more a return the chorus is seen and the energy continues before tricot switch to something a bit more traditionally “rock” with their melody and just really drive on home. The energy stays high and the section just becomes grand.

Thus far the song has felt much like a sweeping, wild ride. In its closing sections it remains as such. One last vocalising, a few quick, hard-hitting notes and the song arrives at its end.

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