Five-Hundred Word Challenge 940: Cold and Awaiting

Cold and awaiting some sort of mist or fog or smoke to approach and paint the area in a more illusory, suggestive atmosphere. Not all should be clear and it should be clear that some details are just not there. Then perhaps  wandering into whatever this thing would be would be in order so as to really experience the idea of adventure in a familiar setting rendered unfamiliar.

So there would be some looking around and perhaps there would be some easy navigation as the place would still be recognised as somewhere you’ve been plenty of times, especially if you live in the area. However, with low visibility it sort of becomes something different and perhaps something new. You recognise it, but for what it normally is and not what it is in that particular setting which currently is imaginary, but still based on the settings of a perceived reality based on what it is that you happen to live in which may be a shared reality, and probably is, now that I think about it.

But anyway, it would feel almost like a fantasy and and maybe some kind of ominous mysterious exploration, but you’d still have to do it if you can as that would be fun in some way. It’s nice to see a place you’re familiar with in a different form as it means that you see a place you’re familiar with in a different form which of course allows you to understand it a little bit more due to its appearance being different to what it is that you’re used to, and so on and so forth.

Also, the spirit of adventure often is one that must be fed and so when something comes to your door that allows for a whole new adventure down familiar paths, it is best to feed that spirit, unless of course you cannot, for which there could be many reasons as to why. Therefore, it is best to feed the spirit of adventure when you can and not at any given moment, for there may be issues caused by letting its needs overrule everything else, so… yeah.

I guess what I am saying with all of this is that fog and mist can be cool. So can smoke, but smoke is something you have to be much more careful with due to how damaging it can be. I think that fog and mist might also have the capability of being damaging, but perhaps less so than smoke; at least in the short term, for I don’t know as to how much of a health impact fog and mist might have, so perhaps what I’m really saying with all of this rambling is that it is better to not take what I’m saying here too seriously as I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Either that or I’m saying something that I don’t realise I’m saying and therefore need to work harder to make sure I understand what I’m saying.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:49:84

I was hoping that this would turn into some sort of adventurous fantasy, but that’s not what happened.

Written at home.

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