Mark Morgan: Metallic Monks

This was over two listens.
I was looking to try and balance imagery and mood with describing the flow of the song. Don’t quite think I did, but instead captured what I feel is imagery appropriate to the song.

Some of this is a bit rough to read. Could be better, I think.

Mark Morgan’s “Metallic Monks” is from the soundtrack for Fallout, which is known as Fallout: The Soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

Land fades in on a soft drone. Sounds of an alarm, sounds echo and ring. What could be a flute meets the drone, and soon something extends off the drone itself. Gradually something is built.

There is a dry, cracked soil expanse stretching out, but that almost feels like a memory of the future. Something martial comes in in a way that something greatly undesirable is coming in. There is tension in the air, as well as a strong sense of foreboding. There remains time to turn around, but it is ignored and instead pushing forward into some sort of significant change seems inevitable.

Sounds move along each other. Some call out and express anguish; others resign themselves to what is coming, or rather, what has come, for that which felt like a memory actually instead is, and that which is occurring already happened. Change had already happened and the world reflects the outcome of that change. Heavy is the music, but it floats without being weighed down.

Something akin to brass, some beeps, and slowly the drone dies down. The tone and mood are set, and the song ends.

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