Memorex Memories: Pictures of Purple Skies

One listen which is what I’m aiming for.
A few pauses, though that’s due to current hearing issues, but anyway.

I aimed mostly to not describe imagery. Not sure if I succeeded and I don’t particularly care if I did or did not.

Memorex Memories’ “Pictures of Purple Skies” is from Pictures of Purple Skies.

I hope you enjoy.

A synth rings and flickers, rising and falling. What sounds like gentle waves on a beach come in and the someone talking can be heard, though that fades away. Another sound comes forward, moving with the flickering. Another person talking. Then bass emphasis comes in, making the frame more apparent.

Slowly more sounds come in, filling the space, giving more shape and form to what is happening. The song is exuding a sense of the cool.

For a moment everything stops, but the wave is late. Then it all starts up again and the beat is now here. The beat drives as a bass sound rhythms away. Some of the early synth remains in a more subdued form. There’s a gliding going on in a way and the sounds are riding the rhythm.

The beat and bass pull away and the song relaxes. Voice returns as do other sounds. Some new ones seem to shimmer on a sunlit ocean and it all pulls away again for a moment, though it’s more that it seems to disintegrate before being reconstituted back into the thrust of the beat and the bass.

There’s more percussion now but the song retains its coolness and its sense of relaxation. Maybe it’s not relaxation, but ease. It continues its impression of effortlessness and relaxation and once more the beat and bass both stop. The song finds a little more calm in itself. Beach sounds caress the synth as it all fades away.

A distant beat comes in, muffled. Some other sounds can be heard though they are as distant. However, they soon stop and the song ends.

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