One Thousand Word Challenge 129: Obligation Preparation

Early morning and all that junk, but there are other things that I should be covering at the moment. However, those things shall not be covered at the moment and so I shall worry about those at another time. For now, it is all about the writing, as well as how much writing I can get done before the need for obligation to be satisfied takes over everything and prevents me from doing any more.

It’ll be a long battle really and that battle will persist through the ages. There will need to be some sort of drama and during that drama there will need to be some sort of preparation.

Still, obligation will inevitably win out at some stage as you can’t postpone that forever. Maybe you can try, but eventually it will catch up with you. Therefore there might be two levels of preparation.

The first will involve preparation for success. There always needs to be this, even if it is something that cannot succeed. The reason as to why there needs to be this is to waste time, and wasting time is time wasted in the process of wasting time. Therefore, it needs to be done. Anyway, there might be some sort of success. Even though it is impossible, there still remains a chance and that chance must be grabbed by the horns and held down, or something. However, none of that will happen and therefore this will be a pure exercise in wasting time.

Maybe the time won’t be wasted and there will be some learning about things that hadn’t been learned about beforehand, or something. Maybe there will be realisations, though I guess that falls under learning.

Maybe there will be things that mean that the chances of not succeeding don’t exist and instead the chance of success is real and therefore there will be success of some sort and then that will be that and I’ll be able to go from there and branch out and look for something else to work on and none of the second set of preparation will be required, thus catapulting me into the stratosphere of success that I never knew existed, leading to more things that will come my way as I come to them and then I’ll be able to take it from there and go wherever I please for I will have more time than I ever thought I would have, which I guess would be pretty neat, all things considered.

So anyway, the second preparation is the preparation for failure. Of course this is what is expected as the inevitable is what will happen, even though there may be a chance that it doesn’t despite it being the thing that will indeed happen. However, even if it is failure that is expected, there still needs to be preparation, for there needs to be aftermath that comes along that will need to be reckoned with, and I reckon that will take a lot of time to work around. It may not, but my hopes are not as high as I would like and so it is something that will require the art of deftness and preparedness to handle in order to get to the end of it in one piece and try to make a full recovery from whatever it is that needs to be recovered from. Of course, all things considered, everything might work out okay and then I’ll walk off as though mothing had happened. Of course this is something that is possible. However, I cannot count on that being the happening of things and therefore I need to make sure that all is ready so that, when it all does happen and the failure kicks in, I’ll be able to keep on going however it is that I need to keep going, assuming that I want to keep going at all, of course.

The question in these situations seems to always fall on the process of working out how to go about something like this. The answer falls onto the not knowing, but figuring it out somehow. There are plenty of things out there that can be figured out and this is but one of them, and perhaps I will be able to do it, but I feel the only way to do that is through the act of getting the thing done and working it out along the way. Sure, I could just start pre-planning and working it out before doing anything, but that requires effort and effort cannot be spared when times to act mindlessly are called for.

Well, maybe it is not called for, but I still want to act mindlessly and then work to undo the pointless preparation I’ve done to have pure, distilled preparation ready to go when it comes to being prepared. Maybe I could overshoot the whole thing, but perhaps that is a risk that needs to be taken in this time of duress that involves preparation for some sort of thing that I don’t even know anymore, but sometimes that is the way that things go and sometimes that is  just what you do in order to get on with what it is.

Oh, now I remember; it’s the obligations that I cannot postpone indefinitely, for there is a need to address them at some stage and that stage is coming sooner rather than later, so really I should probably stop doing this and then get on with it, then come back to this when I am ready to take this on again, but perhaps there will be a little bit more procrastination. Maybe there will be no getting ready at all and then I will be blindsided by the thing that I knew was coming, and whose fault is that anyway? Certainly not mine, let me tell you. I will point the finger elsewhere and I will be satisfied with the result of that, but really I’ll just not and instead face the obligations.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 11:00:97

A fast writing time, but a lot of waffling.

Written at home.

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