Atlantis Airport: Events in the Movie

This was written over three listens and a few false starts.

I focused on describing the song and I kind of got down an idea of it, but what I wrote doesn’t paint the most detailed picture, so to speak.

Atlantis Airport’s “Events in the Movie” (“映画の中の出来事”) is from A [] Passport. I’m not completely certain the English title is meant to be “Events in the Movie”; Maybe it’s meant to say “Film Events”, or “Screen Events”. Not sure as I had to rely on translator software for this one.

I hope you enjoy.

Specific, light and angular piano keys bounce in a precise, and almost jittery manner. A melody becomes apparent, and toward the end they go a little higher.

Bass and percussion come in, steady, and also precise. The keys now take on something more grounded to what the bass and percussion are doing and seem more like on a looping cycle. Space between the keys remains as apparent, though is less pronounced.

Vocals approach, taking on a soft approach and the other instruments get a little looser, though not by much. The melody changes a little, though it remains familiar. There’s a playfulness, but there remains a focus and drive toward something weighty in sound.

A sense of a buildup happens and everything locks more into each other. The percussion thumps a little, more and the general instrumentation becomes livelier. It is almost as though there will be a great release. However, instead of one the song pulls back.

Vocals seem to glide as the other instruments play lightly before something resembling a chorus comes in, but only briefly. From there, another pull back on what could be a vocal sigh and the keys becomes more rapid, raining down almost.

Then some sort of interplay with the instruments and the vocals before a start / stop process plays out. Then vocals and keys take over, rising upward in a manner that keeps things feeling small, yet dramatic. Then a chorus section returns and, whilst it is “big” it remains small and driven, and it may be more accurate to describe this as a climax of sorts.

All push forward and the vocals become more openly impassioned. Something phases in and out and the playing increases in its energy. Suddenly an overdriven sound takes hold and the other instruments build underneath it. It’s a greater release of energy of sorts, but it lasts only briefly and soon the song returns to a sense of chorus before finding a sudden end.


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