Soil & “Pimp” Sessions: Hollow

This was written over one listen, albeit with some restarts as I was having difficulty getting some grounding, so to speak.

I was mostly just looking to describe what was happening but I think I switched into describing the emotive content, which may have been a good thing. Not sure.

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions’ “Hollow” is from Planet Pimp.

I hope you enjoy.

Some sort of keys stretch out as someone screams “death jazz”. A quick thunder sound before percussion comes in. The keys become lively and respond to the percussion. Suddenly everyone comes in and it’s a mass of lively, fun noise. Energetic drive as someone speaks rapidly through the music.

An escalation and it’s all with energy and thrust. There’s a sense of the frenetic before a slight pause of sorts. Then something akin to a solo comes in over the speeding rhythm. It’s bouncing all over and then that escalation comes back. It seems messy and chaotic, but really it’s tightly controlled and just blasting forward.

The beat seems to slow down a bit and groove becomes more apparent. The brass takes prominence and is furious, seemingly audacious and free. Once more an escalation and it seems things will go over the top before it stops and the instruments switch to something a little calmer. The music becomes more celebratory and uplifting. There’s a sense of the cool and the sounds are rich. Everything locks in and keeps things more overtly steady. It’s almost as though a sense of victory has been found and it is time to celebrate that victory. There may have been a great risk and some sort of cost, but it’s the point where all becomes uplifting and the second wind that was much needed to turn the tide comes around.

Perhaps it could be seen as the closing credits or even the opening, but regardless it’s tonally rich and loud and wonderful.

In the final moments the sound seems to stretch, almost ending on a question. However, there’s one final blast of energy, though it only lasts a brief moment and suddenly the song ends.

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