Shoji Meguro: Living With Determination

This one was written over three listens.

I was trying to get across what I think the song is trying to get across and it didn’t quite work. Probably could’ve done more, but that did not happen, so yeah.

Shoji Meguro’s (目黒 将司) “Living With Determination” is from Persona 3 Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Persona 3.

I hope you enjoy.

Piano plays gentle and with space. Underneath strings stir and rise, underscoring and supporting the piano. A slight flicker and a slow descent, almost asking a question.

Lower keys come in and strings stir a little more. Hints of brass appear off in a distance as the opening is repeated, though they started just before. There’s a sense of uncertainty, even as the higher keys return. A gentleness comes through as a sense of needing to walk forward and push through hesitation lingers.

The space affords more focus on the keys as they lead the melody forward through soft drama. It’s not loud, but quiet and tender, and perhaps fragile. That uncertainty and hesitation remains, but the determination comes through, even at the song’s end.

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