Motoi Sakuraba: The Second Book

This was written over two listens.

With this one I tried less to describe the song and more to capture the imagery of the song.
It kind of worked. I think I could’ve done a better job, but I still think it kind of worked.

I think that “The Second Book” works in contrast to “The First Book” (of which I rambled about here), what with it using “louder” instrumentation and feeling much like a continuation rather than a beginning. It also feels much weightier.

Motoi Sakuraba’s (桜庭 統) “The Second Book” is one of the songs used in Golden Sun. Unfortunately it does not appear as though there was ever an official release of the soundtrack; nor am I certain that “The Second Book” is the actual title of the song, but it is what the song is known as.

I hope you enjoy.

The heralding of a new journey is at hand and the dramatic expanse ushers forth into a new and grand world. Percussion beats away steadily as the sounds rise and fall, excited and energised, though also with a sense of focus and direction.

A slight hold back as the sounds shift into a slightly different direction and suddenly a little space comes forward. There is a hint of darkness, of pressure, of weight, but of course it cannot hold back the adventurers and so they continue their journey forward to whatever it is that awaits them. They are prepared to keep carrying their burden. Once more the instrumentation picks up and the journey resumes. It continues across the land and ocean and it spans continents. It is one that remains steady in the face of adversity, and it continues onward even as the song ends.

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