Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1057: Where Ideas Congregate

Alright, so where was I?

There is a place where ideas congregate and they have meetings and work things out before they need to go about their merry way to wherever they need to be after the fact. It is a small place, yet it gets crammed full of stuff. It gets crammed full of ideas as the ideas congregate and work out things whilst they are on their way. As such, often it fills quickly when it is empty and it takes a long time to empty due to being crammed far too much.

A lot of the ideas will try to leave in tandem and this creates blockages. Then the ideas start filtering out really slowly as there’s just too much cramming and blockage around the exits and so their time gets taken up by this time spent waiting to get out and keep on going to where they need to (or want to) go.

Originally the exits and entrances were much wider, as were the hallways that followed said exits. The place where ideas congregated had always been small, but at least there was space to get in and out. However, due to budgetary cuts the exits and entrances and hallways had to be rendered smaller, much to the chagrin to many. However, onward they pushed and persevered, and due to a lack of organisation there were many great jams that prevented things from getting where they needed to be.

The upside to this is that it allowed for more time for discussion and trading and working out things so that ideas could more easily get to where they needed to whilst also exchanging and growling and all of those other things. Often what was exchanged was along the lines of “get out of my way”, but of course this led to healthier discussion and growth for all.

Those who were waiting on their ideas to arrive were none the wiser and always left in the dark about what was going on, and perhaps it was better that way as it meant that they didn’t know what they were missing out on. Of course it also meant that society as a whole took longer to get anything done and grow and improve, but that really was a secondary thing that needed not to be worried about at that particular time, for the ideas still needed to get where they needed to go and the being held up was not helping matters.

Of course there were discussions about how to resolve the issue, especially seeing as there was a reduced budget that needed to be worked with, but anything that seemed sensible was dismissed for a multitude of reasons, whilst anything that was fantastic was carefully considered, though not in the required manner to understand that anything fantastic was a bad idea. As such, things didn’t improve and issues kept cropping up, but discussion remained had and ideas kept on slowly filtering toward where they were most required.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:26:72

Kind of slow to write. Very much underdeveloped as far as ideas go.
This could’ve gone somewhere, but then again, so much of what I write could go somewhere.

Written at home.

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