Junya Nakano: The Void

This was written over two listens about forty minutes apart.
I’m not sure as to why the large gap and I don’t think it helped.

I found writing about this song difficult and I think that may be due to being really tired.
I tried to just write about the song and not focus on anything in particular. Part of the way through I had the idea to try and focus more on imagery, but then I kind of switched to review mode.

Junya Nakano’s (仲野順也) “The Void” (“霧海“) is from Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack which, as it turns out, is the soundtrack for Final Fantasy X. Whilst Nobuo Uematsu composed most of the game’s songs, both Junya Nakano and Masashi Hamauzu (浜渦 正志) made great contributions.

I hope you enjoy.

Light percussion among a muted, drawn out note. It shifts in pitch as the percussion continues on. Almost seeming like drops stretching out. It drops back down and repeats and the percussion keeps on building, gaining a strong presence whilst remaining muted. It becomes less calm and more ominous.

However, there remains a sense of calm. Slowly the song proceeds whilst focusing on the two elements. The atmosphere remains thick, though it also remains airy. The sounds move carefully almost and seem to have a ruminating quality to them as they move forward. Melody is in there but it is subtle and the focus remains on the rhythm and how it can convey the mood and atmosphere.

Gradually sounds fade out and fade away as the music strips back, returning to a calmer state as the song ends.

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