Akari Kaida and Yoshino Aoki: Sandy Sound

One listen for this one.

I think I was looking to try and capture a sense of scene, but I don’t quite think I pulled it off if I am to be honest. I think there’s a description of the song that’s a bit aimless and I think I could’ve done much better.

Akira Kaida (海田 明里) and Yoshino Aoki’s (青木佳乃) “Sandy Sound” is from Breath of Fire III Sound Collection, the soundtrack for Breath of Fire III. However, I believe that before the release of that soundtrack, it was first included on Breath of Fire Original Soundtrack Special Box, a collection of all the music (as far as I’m aware) of the Breath of Fire Series. There is a soundtrack album called Breath of Fire III: Original Soundtrack that was released at some point around the time of Breath of Fire III‘s release but it was a selection of songs from the game rather than the whole soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

Dry wind howls as light percussion fades in. Soon other instrumentation comes in and cycles around the percussion, matching and building upon it.

What sounds like some sort of keys plays steady with the rhythm, stepping and striking and moving with the rhythm. A sense of swing comes in at parts but the focus is on the dry, blowing sound. An atmosphere stretches out as keys circle each other.

The keys fade out, leaving the gentle percussion and the wind to play out. Then suddenly the keys return, playing along, forming melody, playing rhythmically. The dryness remains and the music flows as a journey continues across dunes and throughout a vast landscape, though once more it fades away and once more it leaves percussion and blowing wind, and once more the keys return, though with little time as they return at the song’s end.

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