Grün: Angry Bees

One listen for this one.

I was hoping to get imagery more than anything else, but I didn’t quite get it and described the song a little too much I think. It’s an instrumental song which I feel is always good for imagery as there are less things that stick out as things we immediately recognise as spoken language. However, that’s not what came forward when I started writing.

Oh well.

When Grün was known as Greenland they released an EP by the name of The Prisons of Language. I’m not sure as to exaclty how long after, but after the release of said EP they put out a song called “Angry Bees”. I think it was still in demo form at the time.

Eventually Greenland changed their name to Grün and released an album by the name of Greenland. “Angry Bees” is the opening song of the album.

I hope you enjoy.

Bass plays a little playfully and imitates ringing. Soon guitar comes in and gently rings on over the bass. It’s not long before percussion rolls in and plays a steady, slinky yet tight beat and additional guitar slightly rises over the ringing, whilst cleaner guitar plays within the sounds.

Soon the sounds shift to something a little more driven, but space remains. There’s a push toward something grand and wide, but it remains relaxed and before there is any true letting loose the original groove returns. The guitars and percussion shift a little, become more ornate and perhaps decorative whist remaining functional, and the bass stays steady, holding all together.

Then a return to the grandness and wideness, and it’s almost as though there’s a bit of danger in the sounds, but space of course remains. Texture and tone carry forward and a bit of aggression takes a slight lead, but melody rules supreme and an expanse emerges in a pretty melody.

The original groove returns and guitar assaults the sounds. Percussion carries a light intensity and all drive forward, but the bass remains steady and holds all together. It is a climactic moment that remains focused and driving, and it cuts with a strong energy.

At the right moment it hits a final note and the guitars fade out as the song ends.

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