Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1074: Speedy Driver

The brain hurts today and it’s a matter of waiting out the pain. Not going to talk  about that, however. Instead I’m going to talk about the joy of driving and the joy of seeing people do silly things whilst driving.

Speed limits; they are a thing. Sure, they aren’t always agreeable, but they exist for various reasons and so it is better to follow them rather than it is to treat them as suggestions like some people seem to do.

This morning I was taking my partner to work. Standard procedure as it’s about twenty, twenty-five minutes to drive or seventy to ninety minutes by public transport. I think we’d both prefer public transport, but it’s not exactly a risk we can take at the moment and also there needs to be better connections as there are quite a few ways in which that journey can drop to about thirty to forty minutes but I digress.

So we were driving this morning and the speed limit for the route we take had been lowered due to slow traffic ahead. I also think it may have had to do with the rain. The way we take goes through a tunnel and it’s one that a lot of trucks use. Vehicles ahead of us were obeying the reduced speed limit as was the truck next to us. Someone behind us wanted us to speed up.

So this person drove up behind us and flashed their high beam lights. I looked back and they were pretty close to us. However, I didn’t acquiesce and kept at the speed limit.

Eventually traffic spread out enough for them to be able to get around and so they sped up a fair bit and overtook… only to get stuck behind a truck that was going at the speed limit. It was a glorious thing to witness.

It’s probably silly of me to derive any pleasure from this kind of thing, but I do as I find it funny. I find it funny to see people go well above the speed limit only to get stuck. I also find it concerning and dangerous.

I think a lot of people like to get to where they need to sooner rather than later, but most don’t decide that their being somewhere is more important than not driving like an asshole. I think most don’t think that it’s safer to increase the chances of causing an accident than it is to not cause an accident, and I don’t understand why there are many people who drive in this way. I can make guesses, but I don’t understand.

Personally, I think that if you drive this way on a regular basis, then you don’t deserve the right to drive. There are very few legitimate reasons as to why and I sincerely doubt that, with the amount of people I see who drive dangerously, most have said reasons.

It’s pretty easy to not drive dangerously. It’s hard to undo an accident.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:22:90

I wasn’t expecting this to take as long as it did, but sometimes that’s the way things go.

Written at home.

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