Junya Nakano: Signs

This was written over one listen.

I was trying to express the beauty of this song but I don’t think I pulled it off.
I feel I focused too much on getting to certain words rather than write something that felt more whole and cohesive.

Junya Nakano’s (仲野 順也) “Signs” is from Phantasm.

I hope you enjoy.

Piano carefully walks a specific melody that builds on other sounds moving around. A wide and fantastic atmosphere spreads out, gentle and ornate. Soon more instruments come in and create a fuller melody and a steady motion forward becomes clear.

An air of mystery permeates and fills out more before the sounds fall back. Others come forward a little more, a roll of percussion builds and the sounds return to full. There is a smoothness and grace in how the sounds proceed; the air of mystery remains and it helps to cast all with a sense of the fantastic.

More sounds come in and further build whilst remaining slow. Soon a shift into something more pretty in sound and a stringed instrument plays on top of the sounds as they shimmer and flow like calm water. A beat remains steady and seems to lead to a conclusion, looking for something grand and majestic.

Eventually the beat drops away and moments shimmer onward as they fade out of view. Layers peel and drop away, returning to a sense of the quiet as the song ends.

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