Remember: 私を愛して Love Me

One listen for this one.

I’m not sure as to why I wrote what I wrote. Some idea of narrative came forward and I ran with it, but I don’t know why, though I imagine the answer is something along the lines of “That’s what was coming out of me”.

I think that some of this is rough. I don’t think it gives a good impression of how the song sounds. Still, I’m partially content with the writing.

Remember’s “私を愛して Love Me” is from ルートバックホーム .

I hope you enjoy.

It starts off small and slowly grows, shimmering among something that almost suggests rain. A slight hint of traffic under a deep gray sky fades in and disappears as the shimmering, soft, continues on. It is a moment stretched out and continuous, seemingly growing and yet never increasing, and only existing as a singular point in the present at all times.

Other muted sounds come in, carefully moving above the drone. They remain soft and gentle, as do the sounds of what could be something dripping. More traffic, though of course with space. There is a coldness, though a relation that comes on through and through this there is space to walk.

It is early in the morning and the sky remains dulled. The idea of the sun is suggested by the increasing amount of light, but all remains gray and damp and dreary. A sense of the melancholy comes on through during the walk as more sounds come in and fill more space, almost cluttering with thoughts and emotions and it no longer is the morning, but rather night.

Walking continues and realisations come to a head, and a sadness comes forward, though with said sadness, so does  a conviction to see things through. Many thoughts come and go and lights flash on by. All flashes on by and fades as it comes into view and is moved past as a continuous blur of imagery, for the mind wanders elsewhere and sounds continue to build and rise and fall and alter the sensations.

Ambience builds to create something holding attention and sounds swirl around the main drone, slowly pulsing as other seem to reach upward but never quite get to where they should.

The sounds fade away quickly, almost suggesting that what was heard was a fleeting glimpse, and the song ends.

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