Emeralds: Before Your Eyes

Two listens for this one.

I wanted to write about “Before Your Eyes” but I feel I should’ve saved it for another time. Probably a bit too tired to have written about the song, but I did it and so here’s what I feel a rather short writing about a song that I could write more about over two listens.

Emeralds’ “Before Your Eyes” is from Just to Feel Anything.

I hope you enjoy.

Slow is the fading in; at first it is faint as it appears on the horizon, but gradually it comes more into view. Bits and pieces become more apparent and detail slowly fills in.

Sounds briefly appearing in some sort of pattern gradually well up. Soon a flickering beat comes in as more sound comes in and creates a foundation through a sense of drive. Guitar layers over it as it moves and rises and falls and the sounds surround and seem to envelope. They fill the space as though objects with no gaps between and it all announces something.

However, once all is announced the sounds pull away and fade out as the song ends.

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