Ryota Kozuka: Battle -eon-

Depending on how they carry themselves, songs with a good deal of length to them are easier to ramble about, I find. With that said, I think I was a bit stumped in some parts here. The writing here is fairly flat and so, whilst some things about the song are expressed, they’re not expressed well.

As a side note, I feel that before the song shifts to something more melodic, it really captures a sense of hostility and mercilessness, though perhaps it’s also more of an awareness at a cycle of hopelessness or something. Maybe it’s capturing something overwhelming and alien.

Ryota Kozuka’s (小塚良太) “Battle -eon-” is from the soundtrack for Shin Megami Tensei V, Shin Megami Tensei V Original Soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

An unknown moves into view and around whilst a beat strikes relentlessly. It moves in and out of the background whilst the unknown continues moving and a great deal of tension and pressure build. Soon something softer moves in as the beat falls away and it seems as familiar as it does seem off. It fades, another sound pulses then disappears as the beat returns and fades as the previous two sounds briefly return.

Something seems to grind or wail whilst bass slowly fades in. Brief flashes of sounds returning and all seems to rush on by as it seems to remain static and always there, moving in and out.

Almost silence though that unknown keeps moving around, always remaining present, keeping things stark. Once more the beat returns and it keeps pummeling away. Something lingers at a distance and soon fades in, carrying more melody and less weight.

A new beat comes in and a mix of sounds express melancholy. Soon this shifts into something steadier and solidifies itself as less intense. A synthetic bass line shifts in tone as things that aren’t quite vocals move about.

Soon it shifts into a repeating grandeur that seems like a sense realisation. A sense of catharsis. A sense of acceptance of trial. Soon it seems to break open and pour out over itself; the bass low, muddy. The percussion takes on more space and the vocal-like sounds also lower, seemingly stuck.

Dramatic and melancholic soon return and the idea of form is more standard. All seems linear and the weight of pressure is not quite there. There is a sense of importance, but it has almost been brushed aside. A steady, standard beat returns and plays out whilst the bass once more continues its shifting tone. Once more the percussion picks up and the vocals seem to lash out at precise places and seemingly all of this is moving to something else entirely.

Once more it returns to sense of catharsis and acceptance and sounds stretch and glide along the beat, and once more things spill out upon themselves, and once more the dramatic returns, though it almost seems muffled at first. However, it gets through, though it starts to fade away and the song ends.

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