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tricot: Jōdeki

I’m pretty sure I started this earlier this month. Struggled a bit to get around to expanding and editing the writing, then last night sat down to make a good go of it and realised I may have a bit … Continue reading

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Cairina moschata

I just found out that this bird is a muscovy duck. I saw it at the start of the month near Botany. Probably could’ve done better with the light as this isn’t exactly a good photo, but at least it … Continue reading

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Ryota Kozuka: Battle -eon-

Depending on how they carry themselves, songs with a good deal of length to them are easier to ramble about, I find. With that said, I think I was a bit stumped in some parts here. The writing here is … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 178: Should Write About the Environment

The morning  is here, though it has been here for a few hours now. It is cold and it is windy and I am protected from the wind by being inside. I try to stay warm and it’s not the … Continue reading

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