One Thousand Word Challenge 178: Should Write About the Environment

The morning  is here, though it has been here for a few hours now.

It is cold and it is windy and I am protected from the wind by being inside. I try to stay warm and it’s not the easiest thing to do, but I try.

I’m thinking about whatever it is that I’m currently writing and I’m not sure if I really am thinking about what I am writing. I know that I think I’m thinking about thinking but I don’t know if that counts for anything. I know I’m not necessarily writing about writing and maybe that is something that I should spend more time writing about, but now I’m considering the ocean and the impact that we have on it and maybe I should write more about that.

Maybe I should write more about what I learned during the doing of my degree. Maybe that would get more things across. I know that I’d like to spend more time writing about the marine environment, but I’m not sure as to what I could add to the conversation at this stage.

I do know that I want to work with the marine environment but jobs are few and far between here; well, jobs that I can do, and lacking the money to move makes it a bit more difficult to go elsewhere for a job, but sometimes that’s the way things go, and so I continue to write here, though soon the end of this blog will arrive, though how soon is soon is yet to be determined.

Maybe it will continue on for a while longer if I commit to writing about the marine environment. Regardless, it is something that we need to spend more time considering.

A lot of the ocean is changing faster than perhaps it should and that’s something we need to spend more time thinking about. We need to think about how our actions affect things more often and we need to work toward diminishing the impact of our actions. We need to work on holding larger organisations to task for their responsibility and complete disregard for the consequences of their actions too. There are a lot of things to think about, but I’m a firm believer in affirmative action for positive change. I’m also a firm believer that many of us can live far below our perceived standard and still be quite comfortable, but that’s a conversation for another time as I want to talk about the ocean.

The ocean has awesome power and should be greatly respected. It provides so much to us and yet it seems to be treated poorly time and time again. Sure, there are quite a few people that show respect for the ocean, but perhaps there are not enough of us that do so. We can be complicit in a whole range of issues without even realising and yet, when provided information regarding this, we seem to recoil and pretend we aren’t, or accept and keep on going as so many issues are fine to discuss when they’re not perceived as being at home.

I know I’m making some large generalisations here.

Through various processes we get a fair bit of oxygen from the ocean, as well as a fair bit of food, but over time we may stretch these things very thin and make it much more difficult to live due to what is going into the ocean, for the ocean takes in a lot and all the stuff that it does take in ends up having some pretty nasty consequences.

We don’t always think about those consequences because, well, why would we have to? Why would we have to when there are other things to worry about, much as getting to work on time or meeting up with people or renovating a house? And sure, those things hold some importance, but are they as important as making sure that the environment doesn’t become something we perceive as hostile?

A coastal hazard is only a hazard when natural processes are in a position to interact with human presence; otherwise it’s business as usual. Where we build and what we do can have significant impact in exacerbating the frequency and risk of coastal hazards, but all that nature is doing is doing what nature has always done, though perhaps in what we’d consider an intensified state, and so if we persist in doing what we’ve always done, we need to look at how we’re going to go about it whilst seeing how our impacts can be beneficial to the whole, but even so we’re going to have to cut back on things.

We also need to move away from plastics and certain other materials in forms that create far more risk to the ocean (and environments as a whole, really) as everything that ends up in the ocean that shouldn’t be there (well, most things) is leading to more problems.

I think about having had to grow up and come into adulthood through all the pressures that have added more and more and sometimes I despair. I believe in the inherent potential for all of us to be better and treat the world as a whole in a much healthier manner; I really do, but I also feel heavy sense of hopelessness about the whole thing. I want to think that we’ll turn things around sooner rather than alter, and I want to believe that we’ll hold large organisations to task and we’ll get things turned around. I want to believe that we’ll do so much better than we are now and we’ll be more aware of the impact of our actions, but I can’t help but feel that it’ll all be done far later than it should and so… yeah.

I don’t know what else there is to say, really. I just hope things get better, I hope we protect more of the ocean, we and stop relying so much on convenience and luxury.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 16:16:92

So I mashed this out a bit earlier and then procrastinated.

I think I could’ve worked on being a bit more informative here as this mostly comes off as messy rambling, I feel. The concerns come through but they don’t come through effectively.

Written at home.

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