The God Machine: The Hunter

Another one that was one listen.

This one was quite difficult. I tried writing it earlier today but had a lot of trouble getting started and so I stopped (though the stopping was also due to needing to head out). It came easier when I made another attempt.

I think it was also difficult due to my familiarity with the song. Maybe.

The God Machine’s “The Hunter” is from One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying….

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar plays an arpeggio as it fades in. A hum grows between the strings.
Bass and percussion come rolling in whilst remaining gentle. Soon the vocals follow, weaving words in a way that carries a sadness that matches the atmosphere from the instruments.

When it comes time the guitar starts reaching upward whilst the bass and percussion provide a base. Then the guitar becomes a little noisier, the bass starts rising and the percussion becomes livelier. There is a build as vocals stretch over this, but then it all pulls back to just the rolling bass and percussion.

Soon strings come in and move over the rhythm. They seem to flicker and emphasise for just long enough before they too pull back and guitar returns. The core builds again and this time continues its build. The sounds swell and roll and crash, and continue to expand. The vocals return and become more biting. Somewhere in it all the strings come forward and build on tone and intensity and the sounds all eventually hit a point. They stretch it out and let it envelope and wash over everything until they reach a point and pull back, and all is soft and gently rolling once more.

The strings return and move over the rhythm, flickering and emphasising. They draw out a light in a dark space, and seemingly look inward. There is a caress in their movement, and they keep on moving as the rhythm pulls away. It is almost as though they carry the song forward to something else, though before anything concrete is found they stop and the song ends.

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