Solaris: Rays of the Sun

One listen for this one.

There’s a lot and also not much going on in this song and I felt it difficult to keep up with what was going on. I think that’s due to needing to go to sleep as once more I’ve waited for too long before writing.

That said, I think that I’ve given an idea of how some of the song goes.

Solaris’ “Rays of the Sun” is from Solaris.

I hope you enjoy.

Something descends whilst a beeping comes forward. Soon more beeps join in on the beeping, as does what could be looped bass and what could be synth. A sort of tension builds whilst feedback comes forward and joins the melody. The beeping pulls away and soon percussion comes in.

The percussion plays steady and in a pushing manner whilst guitar chugs away. The melody continues and sometimes the guitar lets loose for a brief moment. However, soon the melody changes and a brief rhythmic unison is found before once more the song shifts.

It continues on and seems ready to unleash when it strips back. The bass plays a kind of throb whilst the percussion shuffles and the guitar seems to loosely, yet tightly slide along. The guitar gives way for what sounds like clapping before returning to fade in and out. Tension continues and the sounds push on forward.

Space remains and the guitar becomes more angular and jagged in a sense. A brief pause and the rhythm shifts to something more driving. Soon the sounds let loose a little more and become more flowing whilst maintaining the tension. Guitar rings out and stretches and expands whilst the bass and percussion keep grooving on, hurrying where they can.

Rather than keep on building, rather suddenly the song ends.

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