2814: Inside The Sphere

One listen for this one.

I feel like I was a bit harsh here as the song is good enough.
However, I feel it spends a little too much time announcing and assuring that it’s getting across something rather than getting it across. Maybe I’m reading into the song incorrectly.

Anyway, I was trying to get across imagery and I think some of that came through, but perhaps not enough.

2814’s “Inside The Sphere” is from Rain Temple.

I hope you enjoy.

A sudden force among the sounds of rain stretches out and moves through and within and around all. Something seems to separate from it and flicker and shimmer upward, growing outward and away.

Percussive strikes come forward, scattering as they continue onward. A melody comes to form and slowly it moves forward and reveals itself to be something far more grand and mysterious than perhaps it initially implied.

A slow motion through an ornate setting seemingly unknown, yet highly familiar. A stillness fills a crowded space as all hangs where it lies. Suddenly an expansion and the weight of of pushing drama to enforce the sensation of grand coolness comes forward. The mood us set; this is all very serious and there is little in the realm of hope, but hope remains and so all emotional content is almost pushed to excess.

Steps carefully in a sound that takes lead whilst almost remaining muted and the rain seems to keep on falling, but perhaps it is not a rain of liquid, but rather information. The mood seems to settle a little as it becomes familiar, and yet a superficiality remains lingering in the air. Excess remains pushed forward with little in the way to suggest abatement, but it too blends in as it absorbs itself.

A sense of space for a moment and then once more that drama comes forward. The sounds keep reminding of the need for the epic and the desire to tell rather than suggest, but it is telling too much. It is almost as though it is trying to assure itself of its own need to be as forceful as possible.

Soon the sounds start pulling away. The percussion stops, leaving the main loop to push onward into a setting that perhaps is as known as it is meant to be futuristic in imagery, and shimmering sounds and vague voices continue onward. The drama has settled and here it is where it becomes most effective, for there is less telling. There is the permeation; perhaps not gradual, but still less forceful.

Soon it all compresses into a single point and the song ends.

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