Yoshitaka Hirota: Prelude~ ~ Advertise I

This was written over one listen.

I wrote quickly and tried to capture a sense of the otherwordliness that the song sort of gets across, but I don’t think I did a good job.

Yoshitaka Hirota’s (弘田佳孝) “Prelude~ ~ Advertise I” (“アドバタイズ I“) is from Shadow Hearts II Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Shadow Hearts II aka Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

I hope you enjoy.

Vague forms and shapes appear, forming and appearing at the edges, though remaining distinct, clear and in front. Voices, or the idea of voices flicker in the air. Soon percussion comes in, steady, still, strident. Still, it too is distorted, seemingly vague even though it is distinct. Keys come forward and curl around in places.

The percussion pulls back and stops and once more those shapes resumes being vague, distant, and at odds. They are mysterious and uncertain and they too fade away, and all that is left are strings stretching out at the song’s end.

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