Yoshitaka Hirota: Deep Meditation ~ Title

For a while I wanted to write about “Advertise I” and so it was sitting in my queue. I thought this song was the following one until a few days ago when I listened to the Shadow Hearts II soundtrack again and remembered that “Advertise II” existed. Decided I’d write about those two and this one.

I think here I was looking more to capture a sense of imagery and it kind of came through, but I stumbled. I thought too much about what I was doing and as such, this is shorter than I’d hoped. Still, it was only one listen, so… yeah.

Yoshitaka Hirota’s (弘田佳孝) “Deep Meditation ~ Title” (“タイトル“) is from Shadow Hearts II Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Shadow Hearts II aka Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

I hope you enjoy.

A calm and gentle sound hums a drone whilst keys slowly fall around it. Sometimes they rise, but not by much. A sense of melancholy drifts on through as fragility becomes prominent.

Thoughts and scenes drift on by and only glimpses are caught. Rumination finds focus and yet melancholy remains, not needing to push on through.

The hum becomes high in pitch and soon other sounds appear around it, but only for a brief moment. They seem to indicate something, but that something is out of reach. However, with persistence it may not be, but before anything can be realised and revealed the song ends.

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