King Crimson: The Power to Believe, Pt. 2

I feel like I was thinking about the song too much and trying to make sense of it even though it makes sense. That said, I do like how some of this turned out.

King Crimson’s “The Power to Believe, Pt. 2” is from The Power to Believe.

I hope you enjoy.

Atop a low rumble percussive sounds plink along. The rumble disappears and something descends and draws out for a moment. Soon guitar hovers and moves about. The plinking returns with more percussive sounds and the hovering buzzes about, occasionally pausing.

Bass comes in with a muted crash and moves about in a way that is as erratic as it is controlled. Rhythm emerges as guitar continues its buzzing motion.

The palette clears and gentler percussive sounds make space. They find a gentleness, even as they build a sense of energy. Melody comes through the tone and all seems to relax. A disembodied voice speaks out as a sweeping ambience comes in which soon is followed by more percussion. Ambience matches the vocals whilst bass occasionally moves into the space and all is calm and clear. Almost a sense of realisation and comfort moves through as percussion plays its beat out with striking clarity. Bass builds on the percussion and the rhythm grooves whilst the guitar floats on as wisps of cloud.

With a smoothness they find a point and slowly fade out of view as the song ends.

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