Masafumi Takada: Angel’s Despair

I wrote this over four listens and thought I’d get more out of the song than I did, but apparently I was incorrect.

In a way it was easy to write about, but I feel as though I could’ve dug deeper. Alas.

Masafumi Takada’s (高田 雅史) “Angel’s Despair” is from the soundtrack for Killer7Killer7 Original Sound Track.

I hope you enjoy.

Guitar stretches out over a big beat. It moves and glides with a hardness as other sounds join in and enunciate. There is a sense of the slick, of the odd and the off. Something is awry, even as the sounds rise and fall.

A repeat and the guitar seems to start and stop, becoming more rhythmic and seemingly percussive. The beat remains steady. The other sounds stay drawing out, setting a scene. It is almost a sense of joy that comes forward, but that sense of something being awry sticks, even as all suddenly ends.

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