Bowery Electric: Fear of Flying

I thought of a word I feel I should have used whilst I was writing this, but now I can’t remember what that word was. Oh well.

I had a bit of difficulty writing about this one. “Fear of Flying” is not quite in the background and not quite in the foreground and I think maybe that threw me off as I wasn’t in the right mindset for rambling about what was going on.

Bowery Electric’s “Fear of Flying” is from Beat.

I hope you enjoy.

A low loop gives way to some muted ambience. Shortly after a steady beat follows and sound layers upon itself. There’s a sense of faded to it and it almost seems at odds with the beat as it drones and pulses. Bass comes in and plays a relaxed groove and all ties together.

Soon the vocals come in, seemingly detached and otherworldly. Words are drawn out and it almost seems dreamlike, though it also seems to speak true to reality.

The sounds have space to breathe and they seem to float and drift upon themselves, casting impressions and creating scenes. Slowly an enveloping occurs and the rhythm is felt. It all glides along and remains steady and focused, even through the smallest of changes.

Rich and as vague as it is specific, the sounds continue on with their dreamy groove and fade out as the song ends.

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