Ryota Kozuka: Empyrean

This felt like it was quick to write, which I feel is a good thing.
However, I was hoping to paint more imagery than anything else. I’m familiar with the song as well as where it plays, but that’s not what came forward.

Ryota Kozuka’s (小塚良太) “Empyrean” (“至高天”) is from the soundtrack for Shin Megami Tensei V, Shin Megami Tensei V Original Soundtrack. It’s a soundtrack that may be better than the game, though it depends on how much you like music that is both active and passive, and can easily outstay its welcome.

I hope you enjoy.

Keys play with a sense of drifting whilst something distant fades into view. Soon percussion kicks in, as do sounds akin to vocals. They stretch as the percussive sounds repeatedly click and compress before resetting. Something seems to drift and a sense of the otherworldly approaches and permeates. Slow and majestic, the sounds continue with their push and pull. A pressure comes forward and keeps the grandness as widened as it is narrowed.

The percussion pulls back and soon after the vocals take some sort of guiding lead. It does not last long and the percussion becomes slightly more prominent again and the movement continues on forward, wide and narrow.

The sounds remain otherworldly and seem to build toward something but most pull back. Suddenly there is space and it seems as though all will come to a halt, but the sounds suddenly return and continue on, almost as though they have no choice and can do nothing else but proceed in a specific manner. However, it is not long before they fade and the song ends.

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