Zu: Ostia

This one I think I was getting across the song as it progressed and little else.
It’s an interesting song and it works well with what it is doing which I won’t get into more than below as it is one that really should be experienced.

Zu’s “Ostia” is from Carboniferous.

I hope you enjoy.

A steady, pulsing beat whilst brass draws out lengthy and almost muddy. The beat picks up a light intensity whilst the brass seems to shift onto different lines. A brief pause in the percussion, a sudden roll and it changes shape. It seems to move around the brass rather than the other way around. It builds on its new form whilst more brass comes in and squeals and squiggles with a an almost frantic motion.

Soon a groove emerges and the instrumentation becomes livelier, switching from a dullness to a brightness. The instruments swirl around each other as they drive on, seemingly biting and barking and striking out all in a unified dance.

Almost muddy returns for a moment before returning to that unified dance. There is a rolling tension and a bit of a menace and meanness brought lively and bold.

All stop and something that is as familiar as it is not comes forward before the instruments all come crashing forward. A brief lightness before they return to crashing in all their heaviness, striking out and repeatedly striking in rhythm before suddenly stopping at the song’s end.

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