Envy: Zero

This was written over one listen but there were quite a few restarts early on. I was struggling to get the first few seconds down and that probably would’ve been easier to do had I listened to the song a few times rather than once.

I wanted to write about “Zero” in some capacity as this morning I found out that its opening seconds aren’t silent. I listen to the album it’s from a fair bit; Usually in the morning as I find that it’s a pretty good driving album. I’ve also been listening to the song and said album for roughly eleven to thirteen years and so whilst surprised, it’s nice to hear something I wasn’t aware existed.

I’ll write more about “Zero” at some point when I talk about the whole album, but something I want to say right now is that the percussion is great here as it’s really steady and almost unmoving but also has this sense of swing and flow that makes it feel really smooth. That said, all the instrumentation on this song works well as a whole.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure as to what I was going to write when I started this and I don’t know if I did the song justice, but I feel as though there’s an idea if you’re familiar with the song.

Envy’s “Zero” is from All The Footprints You’ve Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead.

I hope you enjoy.

An old electronic sound starts, then stops, replaced by a calm drone spreading out. Something initially distant moves above and something else drops. Shortly after percussion and guitar comes in. Percussion is steady and guitar plays with a slight tension. It then rages in parts and stops, then slowly builds into a raging once more. There’s a joy and celebration in it, but also an aggression and menace.

Another crash and something muted and muddy starts pushing up whilst continually getting smothered and buried. Atmosphere expands outward whilst the beat remains strong. The guitars are low and sounds form and dissipate. An echoing and the guitar builds to burst forward but before it can everything suddenly stops and the old electronic sound comes back and finishes as a low hum as the song ends.

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