Hiroshi Yamaguchi: Sei-an City (Commoners’ Quarter)

This one was both a struggle and not and I’m not sure why and it doesn’t really matter.
I feel I was able to get enough out of the track, but maybe not the right stuff.

Hiroshi Yamaguchi’s (山口裕史) “Sei-an City (Commoners’ Quarter)” (“西安京 庶民街 其の”) is from is from Ōkami Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Clover Studios’ Ōkami.

I hope you enjoy.

Strings play percussive and slightly draw out in places, meeting the percussion whilst woodwind moves over with a casualness and ease. A slight pause and now strings draw out more whilst the percussion has a bit more of a swing. Other sounds meet and match and engage in less flow and express an implied humbleness.

Soon a loop and a bit of a bounce becomes apparent, as does a bit of space. There’s a suggested simplicity to the whole thing and as it flows on through and returns to it’s other part it keeps on going and adopts more sounds. More sounds stir and paint a stronger picture.

Suddenly all is richer in a sense and perhaps also a bit busier. More sounds underscore melody and drama brings itself forward as the music flows with a strength in its frame. All is now busy and awake and no longer small, and with a steadfast pace the liveliness increases. It persists until the sounds fade out and the song ends.

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