Jeffrey Fayman and Robert Fripp: The Stars Below

This is another one of those songs where I thought I’d write out more than I did. It went by much quicker than I thought it would and I got too caught up in the emotional expression of the song, but sometimes that happens. Ultimately this doesn’t represent the song well, but I’m fine with the result.

Jeffrey Fayman and Robert Fripp’s “The Stars Below” is from A Temple in the Clouds.

I hope you enjoy.

Peaceful sounds stretch with warmth. They are close, yet remain out of reach. At a distance something shines and slowly a vast, overwhelming beauty spreads throughout a vast canvass. Gently and slowly movement allows motion and through the motion a welling of emotion comes unabated.

Sounds spread out and move around each other, searching, looking, and finding scene and they find and gain as much as they lose, but there are questions. There are questions and a sadness comes forward, but there is a joy in that sadness. There is a joy and there is a peace, and there is acceptance, and all is beautiful, even as it rises. All is beautiful and grand and vast and overwhelming, even as the song ends.

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