Soil & “Pimp” Sessions: Mingus Fan Club

There is a fair bit in this song; especially for its length, and I think that’s party of what makes it interesting. What I wrote here is surface stuff. Maybe I’ll write about the song in full some time.

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions’ “Mingus Fan Club” is from Planet Pimp.

I hope you enjoy.

Bass enthusiastically plays out a path and soon a series of strikes follow.

All start blasting away before letting a bit of groove in. Frenetic and energetic with a great deal of shouting but rather than feel like a chaotic mess it feels focused and joyous. When the groove hits there’s a bit of space but it’s a brief reprieve.

The striking returns, though this time with a slight more build. The blasting soon follows and it keeps the energy going. It thrusts and charges and picks up in intensity, seemingly about to explode but it comes to a rather sudden stop with a bit of a jerk.

The bass plays with a bit of a sly smile and a few keys follow, and the song ends.

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