Ryota Kozuka: Tremble as you Face Doom

Three listens for this one.

I went more for describing the song and I’m not sure why. I’m sure I could’ve done a lot with pulling imagery out of what I was hearing, but I didn’t go that way.

If there’s anything I’m realising about Ryota Kozuka (小塚良太) it’s that he’s quite good at capturing a certain atmosphere, but working within the context of a game soundtrack seems to be limiting for him. It would be good to see him do an album of this kind of stuff without the constraints of composing for a soundtrack.

Ryota Kozuka’s “Tremble as you Face Doom” (“震えながら逝くがいい”) is from the soundtrack for Shin Megami Tensei VShin Megami Tensei V Original Soundtrack.

I hope you enjoy.

A deep rumble rolls forward whilst a distorted harshness moves on by and seems to shimmer off in a distance. Suddenly something rushes and a percussive pulse rapidly pulses. Sounds move distant and detached along with the beat and it all seems to slowly build toward something. It builds in intensity and distorts, then suddenly ends.

In the aftermath sounds seemingly atmospheric linger at a distance whilst others fade in and out of a sense of reality. There is a control in it, however, and soon a sense of rising takes over, though before anything further can happen the song ends.


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