Stara Rzeka: BHMTH (czyli historia z wujkiem Albertem)

There was a period of time where I was listening to this song a lot. It has been a while since then and in the intervening time between then and now I’ve listened to the song only a small handful of times. I still find it an affecting song, though perhaps not with the same grip as before.

Anyway, I don’t know what I was aiming for here. I set out to write and write I did. I mth,captured something of the song but not something clear, I feel. Maybe it is clear; I don’t know.

Stara Rzeka’s “BHMTH (czyli historia z wujkiem Albertem)” is from Zamknęły się oczy ziemi.

I hope you enjoy.

Percussive sounds beat and echo. Soon piano comes in, matching the beat in its movement. It sets a sense of weight that soon finds itself further built upon by ambient sound and guitar.

A bass-like sound beats away to the rhythm and more sound comes in and fills out space and all congeal almost as one. The sense of weight remains, even as something seems to rattle in the background and even as it seems like something is raining down, but perhaps it is all dry. Perhaps all the sounds are dry and it’s just an expanse, but it’s almost like rain.

Slight details get added in various parts and steadily the sounds flow onward and forward, keeping the rhythm going. Soon the rattling increases and it seems less like rattling but more bubbling, or even something more like an indistinct noise. The other sounds move to something with a bit more of a sense of linearity to them and they follow a path more linear than before, but remain expansive.

Eventually an electronic sound seems to scatter down and soon the opening rhythm, or at least something similar to it returns, and cycles occur and more sounds appear and become long and expansive and spread across and along.

A voice speaks out at a distance but it is commanding and massive. There is something emotive about it but it is difficult to pinpoint just what. Perhaps they are calling out for someone or something; perhaps it is something else entirely. Once they stop the sounds have shifted and suddenly bits seem to rise from a fertile bed. Things unfurl and among it all another voice follows a melody that is heavy and massive, yet small and fragile. Gentle.

Sounds pulse and beat away around this, almost protecting this moment. It seems like a moment of peace among noise but soon it all fades away to leave noise at the song’s end.

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