Mars Kumari: Funeral Day

This was really easy to write and I’m glad as I feel this reads decently.
I’m certain it could be much better, but this still feels like an improvement.

Mars Kumari’s “Funeral Day” featuring Nina Spheres is from MARS KUMARI TYPE BEAT.

I hope you enjoy.

An series looms at a distance, or at least it seems eerie. Slowly it comes into view, almost as though a fog clearing but not enough to make out if some things are voices and if so, what they are saying.

A layer of sadness comes in and slowly sounds carry that sadness and process it through mourning. Heaviness wells up and fades away, giving way to new form and new shape as sounds draw out and prolong, moving away to disappear.

A beat comes in and occasionally staggers whilst ambience sits low in the background, there and almost part of the process but disconnected. The beat compresses and seems to also fade away, much like everything else but it comes back and continues its stagger before the fade takes over.

Sentiment lingers and loops and repeats and much of the sounds remain soft and hold both a cold and warm feel. Eventually a slight pause comes in and the staggering beat returns once more, almost as a contrast against the muted and low sounds that slowly move about what little space is afforded to them.

The ambience returns, but it seems different, and the beat fades out, leaving it some space. However, before anything else suddenly the song ends,.

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