Michiko Naruke: Distant Days of Rest

I’m really not sure as to what I was going for with this. I think Michiko Naruke (なるけみちこ) is a really solid composer in many ways. She quite effectively gets across atmosphere and emotive content where necessary and more often than not creates something that fits a scene really well. That said, I ended up meandering on this one as I don’t think I’ve enough skill to properly get across what was happening in the song.

Michiko Naruke’s “Distant Days of Rest” (“遠い日の安息“) is from the seemingly western influenced Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Wild Arms Advanced 3rd.

I hope you enjoy.

Light percussion and strings play a low tune. Soon something akin to brass and bass come in and carry a weight and rest. All remains low, soft, and perhaps sombre, even as woodwind-like sounds come in and play high.

There seems to be a slight sombreness that creeps in, though all remains moving toward a new dawn. All seems small and humble, even as moments reach higher. Strings play and patter whilst percussion gently pushes forward and space comes and goes as required to keep the flow flowing. Sounds keep easy and smooth, and despite that sombreness being there, it remains easy to look upon the horizon with hope and determination.

A journey continues among sounds carried upon a gentle breeze and after a moment of heightened sounds, they all pull back and fade away as the song ends.

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