Michiko Naruke: Sand Clouds, Surging Away

Two listens for this one.

I tried to focus more on describing the song and I feel that was not a good idea. I started thinking about the quality of the sounds used a little too much and it threw me off. Still, I managed to describe the song and so this is technically a success.

Michiko Naruke’s (なるけみちこ) “Sand Clouds, Surging Away” (“砂塵、逆巻いて”) is from the seemingly western influenced Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Wild Arms Advanced 3rd.

I hope you enjoy.

Percussion briefly rolls before other instruments come in and commence a rhythmic stomp. Sounds akin to brass rise on up and draw out in a specific way, as do other sounds that come to follow. The brass-like sounds return and there’s a sense of driving forward into an open expanse. Some uncertainty finds itself among the sounds as the brass-like push on ahead.

Soon the sounds rise on up and seem to herald a climax. Everything becomes livelier but without necessarily becoming massive. The sounds lift up, almost moving ahead as they prepare for release. At the climax it all becomes expansive and grandiose, and victorious, if only for a moment as soon the sounds loop back to where they began and cycle through once more before the song ends.

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