Michiko Naruke: A Flashing Blade in the Blue Skies

This was two listens.

This is another one where I just described the song.
What I did was pretty vague and flat and I think maybe I was expecting to get more out and thought too much about what I was doing.

Michiko Naruke’s (なるけみちこ) “A Flashing Blade in the Blue Skies” (“蒼穹に閃く刃“) is from the seemingly western influenced Wild Arms Advanced 3rd Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Wild Arms Advanced 3rd.

I hope you enjoy.

Keys and percussion feed off each other and pump away. Soon bass comes in and soon after that the sounds shift. Percussion steps back and more synth comes in, moving quickly and not holding on one bit for too long. There’s space and it feels like the sounds are warming up.

The percussion rolls and once more the sounds shift. The song gains a bit more of a drive and seems to take off and soar above all. There’s a slight bit more of a punch though some sounds remain soft; remains focused on moving forward and moving not so much with grace but a sense of agility.

It seems as though the song reaches its end before looping, but instead the sounds spend more time on their build, letting ta sense of coolness come through before returning to the start and cycling through once more before the song ends.

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