Orbital: Dŵr Budr

This one was easy in parts and difficult in others. I think I started thinking too much at points; I’m not sure. Anyway, this sort of gets an idea of the song across. There are some parts here that work and some that don’t. I do feel, however, that overall this is writing about a song.

Orbital’s “Dŵr Budr” is from In Sides.

I hope you enjoy.

A low hum comes in, moves low, shifts and changes and seems almost to signify nothing, but there is a vague sense of emotion that carries through. It soon is joined by more sounds and slowly a form begins to emerge. There is something distinct coming forward and it takes its time to reveal itself.

Other sounds reveal themselves, flickering in and out of the vast space. The beat also comes in, almost gradually and almost quickly, feeling deft and lithe. A slow and quiet bass signifies moments and soon after vocals also come in, floating there, almost detached and otherworldly.

Strings accentuate the vocals as they float around and soon a bit more space comes in whilst another sound begins to fall almost in droplets. The voices seem to become detached whilst trying to hold onto a form of reality; other sounds stretch and something seems to be trying to reach out for some sort of connection, though it is also continuously buried. It cannot reach out and it cannot get a grasp and it soon falls under as much of the melody and sound pulls away.

Stretching sound and beat carry forward until something more mechanical in feel moves and stops repeatedly. Sounds more hard and harsh come in, moving in ways that seem off in relation to what came before for they move and slide with the same smoothness but they also seem more calculated and angular.

Sound pulls back whilst additional percussion comes in though it feels empty. Then sound returns with additional points marking and emphasising and something seems dark and heavy. There’s a bit more menace and edge in the sound; a bit more aggression.

Voices return and seem more attached and rooted, though they are also quite buried. They seem to be barely floating among the sounds and could be erased at any given time. Still, they link with other parts and manage to carry on.

Soon much of it drops away, leaving some percussion and voice until that too stops and the song ends.

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